Contribution Guidelines

The article will explain the standards for contributed content. All members will be expected to know and follow these guidelines.

This is a wiki

No one person owns the content

All of the information that is contributed here is owned by the community. Everyone can (and should) edit everyone else's articles.

Grammar, spelling and formatting

Editing of grammar, spelling or formatting errors should be done on a whim by anyone. Everyone can agree that better grammar and spelling improves the content.

Major edits and restructuring

Large reorganizations and edits of articles should also be done on a whim by anyone who has the time to get it done. So long as nothing is left half-done, no worries!


We all want the best information to be available here. True disputes should be few and far between. Most everything should be settled through discussion on the article in dispute.

Unsettled disputes

If a dispute can not be settled through discussion an administrator will need to be called in. If the subject is not a matter which can be decided by empirical analysis, a vote will be taken. Any edits in violation of the conclusion drawn could be grounds for banning.

Commercial links

References to retailers of any type will only be allowed except in the case of reference to the most rare of items. If an item is only available through a single seller, a link may be provided, but should only be done so through a foot note.

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