Reed Porting Active 50 (Scooter Libby)

As a just-for-the-coolness-factor project, I decided to get some reed porting on my Active 50. I got in contact with a man by the name of AllenG though the Goped Nation bulleting board community. Since the Active 50 is becoming something of a rare breed, I decided to write this review to document the experience.

Initial Testing

Before I sent the engine to Allen, I performed some initial testing to see what the engine was capable of in its pre-ported state.


  • Weight: 158.75lbs


Top speed testing

In order to get a real top speed test, I found a very flat area without stop signs for a good mile. I used a handlebar mounted Garmin GPS to keep track of the speed. For my test, I ran the scooter in both directions to make sure that there was so slight variation in steepness or wind speed that would affect the top speed. At 60°F and 57% humidity I was able to attain a top speed of 40.7mph.

Acceleration testing

In order to get a real acceleration reading, I had to temporarily ignore the 2speed capability of my scooters transmission and simple start from 2nd gear. In order to ensure that no power would be lost to clutch slippage, I disassembled the transmission and thoroughly cleaned and polished the clutch plates and clamped the shifter is firmly in 2nd gear that the plastic shift lever could handle. With a little bit of balance, I was able to start the scooter without a push from my foot. At 65°F and 62% humidity I was able to cross my test distance in an average of 5.75 seconds over the course of 5 runs with a variation about about .3 seconds.

Regretfully, I was not able to complete a barrage of 0-10, 0-20 and 0-30 measurements because of my own time constraints.

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