Koso Boost Bottle

The Koso intake chamber is a popular boost bottle designed to "catch" echoes as air is bounced off of the side of a piston inside the intake manifold.

For more information on the theory behind boost bottles, see its article.


This bottle is constructed of lightweight aluminum and will not corrode. It is sold in either blue anodized or or brushed aluminum.

Benefits over other boost bottles


According to the boost bottle theory, the bigger the boost bottle, the better job it does and this bottle is big. It is drastically larger than other comparable boost bottles.

Zip tie channels

This boost bottle was designed to be installed in tight places with [zip ties]. The two "channels" cut in to the center toob of the boost bottle allow ties to securely fasten the bottle to a scooter or powerkart.


Fragile Nozzle

Some users have found that the nozzle which is attached to the boost bottle is relatively fragile, but in the case of failure, this part has proven been easy to replace.


The Koso intake chamber is simply an empty tube with two ends screwed into it.
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