Goped GTR46 Trail Ripper

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The GTR "Trail Ripper" is th first production scooter to introduce the C.I.D.L.I. suspension system. With its extreme front and rear suspension and knobby tires, it is designed primarily for off road use. A similar version of this frame was used to construct the GTR46 Interceptor on-road scooter and the GTR Roadster.

Technical Specifications

  • Motor: GP460RS
  • Top Speed: 30 mph1
  • Transmission: Centrifugal clutch / Chain drive
  • Chain Tension System: Easy belt tension system
  • Brakes: Hand-Activated Front and Rear mechanical Disc Brake
  • Wheels: Magnesium rims
  • Tires: 10" Pneumatic tires
  • Clutch: 76mm Centrifugal
  • Handlebars: MX style bend
  • Suspension: Front and Rear C. I. D. L. I.
  • Folding: Goped slide folding
  • Deck: wood
  • Frame: 4130 Chromyl
  • Frame Protection: n/a
  • Dry Weight: 46lbs


C. I. D. L. I. Suspension in action







United States


Things you'll never have to replace

You may eventually have to replace

The support tube

If the headset bearings which hold the support tube in place are not kept well greased and tightened the support tube will wobble slightly and end up bending into an oval shape. If this occurs, the support tube and headset may need to be replaced.

The frame
crack welded
crack cleaned and marked
crack near engine mount

A few reports have been made about subtle cracks developing in the rear swing arm of this scooter. Whether it was a bad production run or is a continuing problem is unclear. In the affected scooters it seems to take only a year or so of reasonable riding for the cracks to appear.

If the cracks do appear, you can either weld the affected spots or contact Goped with a warranty claim. According to Steve Patmont of PMW, this frame is covered by a lifetime guaranty.

You should immediately replace


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